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Trust your intuition,

The inner voice,

Let it not be in your second thoughts,

Make it your guiding light,

Your torch bearer,

As this will take you to your desired goals.

If you want to stop the lump in your throat,

Many times,

Let your soul be imposing factor in your life,

The hustle and bustle of your daily life.

It will guide you through the lull and fury of phases in life,

Bringing love and compassion to the core,

Gently perusing the humane part to the fore,

Making mind transparent and open,

On each day,

Infusing all pervading peace and tranquility,

Feeling hand and spirit of God on your head,

In blessing, to help yourself and others.

Branches of Love are core to His creation,

Limitless is its reach,

Giving lease of life to all and sundry.

So make love and compassion,

The flagship of your disposition,

Bestowing trust and faith in God’s creation.



It’s good to remain contended,

Be tickled and frolicking,

As night descends and hectic activities of the day close,

The time seems to unwind,

Silently tiptoeing,

Events unfold in dream,

Filling the mind with amused senses,

It’s better to forego common realization of unwelcome ideas,

Shut tightly the eyes and mind waves,

That seem to show end of the road,

Tempting us with contents of a foregone era,

Delivering people whom we met,

Who affected our lives,

Taking us to old addresses of the cities,

Where we spent our prime time.

Bringing to us our latest happenings,

Some fancied behaviors of people we loved,

Empty pockets,

Indifference by some,

Throwing us into anxiety and soiled temperaments.

Dying of children, women and innocents,

In the fancied wars,

Closing in of fitful events,

Making us realize the temptations of high and mighty,

Exposing themselves time and again,

Into the fruitless activities and hollowed war cries.

But all these emotions are for rare breed,

Haunt you time and again,

Make you into not yourselves.

Just watch the games people play,

And remain aloof as single coin cannot fill up the treasury,

Curious to what comes next,

Remain detached and out of the games,

Wait and be witness to those futile attempts to prove one up!


Rejoice in yourself,

For what you don around you,

So you become,

Seeds of goodness adorn each one of us.

Call unto yourself,

Be at ease and look for easy times,

Fragrance of best times linger in the surroundings,

Let it soak your entire being.

I am in love with the humanity,

It is in my soul and body,

Forever and ever,

In contact with all beings,

Lungful of each breadth dissolves all the bitterness,

That had gone around me,

Nature and creatures adorn my thoughts,

The sound of my talk and language,

Speaks of beauty around me.

Embraces of those near and dear ones,

Circling of arms,

Infuse bountiful energy into my being.

The joy I gather out of rush of feelings,

Of love and brotherhood,

Sweat songs and wobbling of lips,

Transcending the land, water and air,

Now make me reach Moon, Stars and the Suns,

As if heavens have landed in my gardens and dwelling.

Have you tilted your land?

For its pure joy when you talk the words of earthen,

Let the true insight liven yourself,

Let the lyrics hymn your emotions,

Happiness and joy will engulf your soul.

Halt this moment with me,

You will realize the originality,

The beginning,

The goodness of the Earth and all the Suns,

You will start to take the things at true value,

The divine worth of scriptures,

The holy utterings of the saints,

Shall start filtering and listening to all sides,

For realisation of your true self.


How excited you feel once you decide to seek outdoor adventure. Suspense lies ahead as you do not know what to expect during the upcoming travel. You dream of great things that will happen, enriching your life experiences. It sure does sit on your nerves.

You leave behind your near and dear ones, great friends and the comforts of home.

You proceeded because you were seeking new horizons. It could be new country, serene valleys, a location bursting with people, deep jungles, hot desert or rouged mountains. All this, for days or months long.

This would have given you life changing experiences. Your emotions would be exhilarating. It would have become so irresistible that you wanted to do it time and again. I strongly feel these owe inspiring experiences have given me so much self-confidence that  I want to get into this kind of activity more and more. It simply takes your breath away. I would never hang away my backpacks.

It seems predestined when people seeking adventure come out refreshed, energized and bursting with new lease of life. There seems to be reason in their lives and for good reasons. It seems as if some energy was drawing them towards these experiences. It could have been culture, traditions, history or may be the people.  You simply want to get immersed into them and draw unlimited happiness.

You draw life changing delight. For, it takes detailed preparations and efforts to embark on these experiential learning. One draws immense pleasure out of it, as you make new lifelong friends, living to the fullest, each moment.

There would have been sea change in your attitude. You develop a sense of belonging to this entire humanity. You may stay in a particular location for few days or months, yet you find connections to your roots. You feel as if that place was familiar. You were there before.

However, there would be moments when you got frustrated by lack of helping nature by someone, few guys frustrating you by mugging or you get lost, you might be starving without any place or person within sight. After overcoming these or similar experiences, you develop sense of calmness and tranquility.

Travel experience is always like daily life. Not every day is perfect. However, there would be umpteen moments that will make your day. You need to take it in right stride. Whatever happens with you is not fault of any place, culture or a society. Every place in this planet has its ups and downs. So go on regardless. Than you would be too eager to start off again after finishing a trip. You will have many reasons to smile on conclusion of your excursion.