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Rejoice in yourself,

For what you don around you,

So you become,

Seeds of goodness adorn each one of us.

Call unto yourself,

Be at ease and look for easy times,

Fragrance of best times linger in the surroundings,

Let it soak your entire being.

I am in love with the humanity,

It is in my soul and body,

Forever and ever,

In contact with all beings,

Lungful of each breadth dissolves all the bitterness,

That had gone around me,

Nature and creatures adorn my thoughts,

The sound of my talk and language,

Speaks of beauty around me.

Embraces of those near and dear ones,

Circling of arms,

Infuse bountiful energy into my being.

The joy I gather out of rush of feelings,

Of love and brotherhood,

Sweat songs and wobbling of lips,

Transcending the land, water and air,

Now make me reach Moon, Stars and the Suns,

As if heavens have landed in my gardens and dwelling.

Have you tilted your land?

For its pure joy when you talk the words of earthen,

Let the true insight liven yourself,

Let the lyrics hymn your emotions,

Happiness and joy will engulf your soul.

Halt this moment with me,

You will realize the originality,

The beginning,

The goodness of the Earth and all the Suns,

You will start to take the things at true value,

The divine worth of scriptures,

The holy utterings of the saints,

Shall start filtering and listening to all sides,

For realisation of your true self.



Create the canvas of your life,

In a way,

That there are few regrets,

And more to celebrate,

Keep trying,

Because it’s not the end yet,

Welcome each morning,

And enjoy each day,

Follow your inner self,

Make life of your choice.

Love to the heart what you chose to pursue,

Keeping every moment exciting and delightful,

Your eyes on what lies ahead.

Spread your wings far and wide,

Giving your best and living to the fullest.

You should like what you see daily  in the mirror,

There will be happy moments and sad as well,

You should know how to tackle,

For this is our life.

As we approach our final phase,

Understanding the meanings how we lived,

Converting our days gone by,

Into the sum total.