Stay in tune with Nature!


 Where to camp?

Keep your tent, kitchen and hygiene areas separate so that strange smells don’t attract nocturnal visitors to your shelter. Camp well away from water and trails to reduce impact.

Staying Hydrated

  • Check maps and guide books and consult forest officials about water availability, if you are out on a long track on sunny day.
  • Drink two cups of water every one hour.
  • Never drink untreated water. Carry water treatment tablets (Iodine) in your pack & also chlorine dioxide drops. Though these are not suitable for pregnant women and require 30 minutes of delay before drinking.

The Mental Game

Beginners can boost their confidence by remembering these rules:

Everybody gets worn out, so don’t feel like a failure if you can hardly lift a spoon by day’s end. Still, you can prepare your shoulders, back and legs for rigors ahead with some pretrip exercises.

  1. Everybody forgets something .Part of the fun of backpacking is improvising or learning to do without.

During the trip

  • Look for sheltered camping spots away from drainages on the lee side of hills or bushes or in a grove of trees.
  • Keep your sense of humor. Invent or play tent games, write in a journal, or make up songs about rain.
  • Ideally, your pack should weigh 25 to 30 percent of your total body weight.

Attitude check

  1. Longer and more demanding trips tax body and spirit, so take extra care to keep both healthy.
  2. Plan for easy days at the beginning, then add more miles as you get stronger.
  3. Prevent group dissension by making certain before you go that all members of the group know their responsibilities. Assign tasks and responsibilities for tent, meals, maps and permits and so on.
  4. If you start to feel angry with hiking partner, walk by yourself for a while.


Are you one of a kind like poet Emily Dickinson who once described herself as having an “appetite for silence”. Or like me, are you a gluttonous hog insatiably slobbering at the trough of solitude.

In any case, the incessant noise of city life is a disease that can be cured only by visiting quiet places of stillness where you could stay alone and go undisturbed for days on end.

Like a days camp at National Park at Bennergatta, where you can hear shadows bumping across the land as sun slide toward horizon. Or Bandipur Wild Life sanctuary where I have watched the land rise and fall in front of me, and heard the earth inhale and exhale with every step. Or Kemmangundi & Hebbe Falls, night and day camp, where you can listen to shooting stars scratch the night sky.

Most of us in today’s hectic world need such places because, there, the stillness descends and wraps itself around you like an old friend coming to comfort. To a literalist, the word “silence” means no sounds at all. But I am sure you won’t mind birdsong carried on wind, or the way a gentle breeze plays with dried prairie grasses, or the clinching of dragonfly’s wings in flight. In fact these sounds are medicine for many. In a way, we may sometime, for few days do without urban intrusions, the cell phones and droning traffic noises that dull your senses and fog your inner vision.

Along with the solace of “silence” you may have bonhomie of your comrades/friends in an adventure camp, where you also learn comradeship, team building, and various skills through events that we organize, viz, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Rafting, Tracking and camping, etc. In other worlds you live a different kind of social life in these few cherished days “far from the maddening crowd”


When you are out on an Out Bound adventure activity away from your usual daily routine, you are attracted by the thrill and adventure it offers. You get a new focus and stop fussing about details when you know for example, while rappelling down a 100 feet high rock, that your slight mistake in proper body & mind coordination might sprain your ankle or bang you against the rock.

In an era when companies stress the importance of team building, activities such navigating  in pitch dark night in an unknown, isolated terrain with the help of compass and stars, leading your group , can certainly prove team leadership activity.

Our out bound two or three days camps include camping, tent pitching, tracking uphill or through jungles ,for long distances, crossing a river by monkey crawling a rope tied across the river , team games like “trust fall” while competing in an obstacle course, are definitely the most accelerated personal development activities. Here leadership and team-work skills are right at the forefront- there is no where to hide. You can’t isolate yourself before the group in and absolutely free atmosphere out in the open nature.

It is proven fact that these sort of out bound activities increase your confidence and help you sort out life’s priorities. It gives you a chance to escape the day to day stresses of corporate life where you get bogged down worrying about things which in the scheme of things aren’t important. It also provides an opportunity to corporate management to reinvigorate their colleague managers with some form of challenging respite. It gives fresh stimulus, something more than routine & mundane. At the end of these activities you will find that there were times when your heart rate gets going, giving you new focus, clear your head of all the interruptions you get in life and make you realize what is important. In the end group turns out to be that of far better team players.


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  1. Thanks to adventureplans. It is full of informations that really helps at the time of adventurous trips.


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