I may not be amazed,

At the routine occurring,

During days or nights,

While walking through the woods,

Or diving deep down the ocean,

Certainly not like most of them.

As I settle down at this hour,

And reflect on things gone by,

Mystic, unexpected or undreamed of,

Did I draw strength out of,

Those encounters?

Marking as my own,

Or setting it aside as common,

With most of us,

Getting lost and forgotten,

With passage of time.

I do not whimper,

As the world do,

Since these are needed,

To be taken in right stride,

Human life is full of them,

Especially if,

One is adventurous,

Seeker of unknown.

I keep my Hat tilted and drawn,

Praying and venerating,

For the life to fall in place,

Seeking counsel of the learned,

Putting my best foot forward,

In calculated move.

I see my reflection,

In all the people I encounter,

Learn good and try to avoid bad,

I say it all.

Willing to be strong and highly conscious,

Engulfing objects in the universe,

With their perpetual flow…


What I seek has been in its right place,

The moon or stars I see,

And those I could not see,

Are in their places,

What I could identify or could not,

Are perfectly in their places.

Similar must be,

Perceptions of people around me,

Taking rounds of the Sun along with Earth,

If they are not of anyone,

So much as mine,

They must be unique.

Let’s unwind the riddles of Life,

Seeking the unknown,

Comprehend the unthinkable,

They may be distant,

Not seeming close,

Yet reachable.

We breadth the common air,

Live together in His creation,

In this globe.

I march with strong music,

Along with victors,

Of common battles,

Hearing closely,

Gains of each day,

Though all of us fall,


But those who dare to ride horse or lion,

Do fall and learn,

To ride perfectly,

That’s how battles are won…


You are old only if perceived,

Should be young in heart,

So you remain in your entire life span.

One is foolish as much as wiser,

If regardless of others,

Be regardful of others.

Remain a child while being a man,

Engulfed with stuff that is desirable,

For you belong to a nation of many nations,

Bound by right ways,

Seeking what is truth and real,

On earth,

Wandering at inmost junctures,

On land,

With boatman along the coasts,

At ease in bush or snow.

Comrade to fellow wanderers,

Simplest as a teacher with thoughtful disposition.

Remain a learner may be with novice starts,

Be of any hue or race,

Any rank or religion,

Resisting all false temptations,

Seeking diverse knowledge,

Breathing ever changing air,

Of different landfalls,

Remaining firmly on your grounds…


You can embark on epic journeys in your home country also. They are not made only by travelling to highest mountains or undertaking strenuous trekking. You may venture into your home country and surprise yourself by embarking on unexpected or new journeys. See the historical wonders, visit localities of different cultures and mingle with people there, venture into markets/trading joints, not seen so far,  watch wandering merchants crossing the plains, mountains or deserts, lugging their wares or cattle. It may be interesting to watch fare collector in buses or trains, hackling for loose change or tossing it to invite passengers’ attention.

It is an old saying that one must see the beauty in all seasons and different weather and enjoy it. So visit a place which has catching weather or climate. Go for angling or fishing. Play football, tennis or other games with locals. Go for a boat ride, water skating, underwater diving, etc. Watch the sunset on a beautiful beach. Go for a night trek. Camp in a wildlife sanctuary. Bird watching or animal sighting can also be exciting. As the city and its inhabitants go to sleep, you could still engage yourself in the above activities.

While doing all the above or more, remember to inculcate the following into yourself:-

The locals may laugh or jeer at you. Remember not to react. Do not laugh or jeer at others’ mistakes. It may make you miserable. After all we are not Presidents or Prime ministers holding cabinet meetings, surrounded by great secretaries. While on the walk in streets, looking for things of interest or eating joints, be friendly, always. It will result in people welcoming you with open arms.

These are some thoughts and activities I get engaged frequently, and believe me, it gives out of the world experiences to become wiser and matured…


The tears that flow,

Of love, joy, care, comfort,

And of newborn, dead, hope,

Also, pride, pity, trust and prayer,

Whatever type it may be,

Best are of tenderness and kindness,

Make us shine like a blessed one.

Let the race begin,

Outsmarting one over other,

On shining sails with sparkle,

In our eyes,

Spread message of peace and happiness,

Never straying from righteousness,

Seeking truth,

Keeping the mirror ready,

To reflect our true self,

At each turn and tussle in our lives.


I am fascinated of growing with adventure,

Among people who grow with nature,

Adventurous and simple,

True and honest in heart,

Follow principles of righteousness and  truth,

Enamored by taste of deep ocean and dense woods,

Wielders of natural weapons in their persona,

Anyone can sleep and work with them,

For endless times.

That is the life,

Being cheapest, common, easiest,

And that is them,

Those who take any chances,

Thereby getting endless returns,

For the well-being of His creation.

As there is nothing wrong in,

Being in love with yourself first,

It being the primary duty of everyone.

Bestowed in each one are solutions,

To each and every situation,

As positive outlook leads to your goal.

Than sky will come down to your goodwill,

Enabling scatter everywhere,

For ever and ever.


I trudge alone,

Far deep in the wilderness,

Ventured for a game or two,

Loitering deep in the wild,

Amazed at the awesome beauty of Mother Nature,

Feeling light at heart and the mind,

Scanning for a place safe and secured,

For the night.

As I settle down,

Lighting the fire to simmer my recipe.

Done with eatables,

I lay down for the night over freshly laid leaves and rug,

Keeping alongside my constant companions,

The rifle and faithful dog.

Morning descended bringing the excitement of what lay ahead,

Alongside drew a fine horse led by a native,

The ride through the countryside was enchanting,

Recording my memoirs,

A lifetime lived in those freshly unfolding events,

Of mingling with the tribesmen,

Learning through their culture and traditions,

Following their daily routine,

Feeling as one of them.

It seemed out of the world,

Not known and far from the modern living,

Time appeared to move in slow motion.

Everything seemed to happen with a purpose,

Making me humble,

Looking at the simplicity of their routine and habits,

I find a purpose and place in all the events and occurring,

As if scheduled to ink a place,

Among these simple human beings,

I visualised myself,

Old part of their clan.

As I put my feet among them,

Dancing to the tunes of their traditional rhythm,

Around the bonfire,

I seemed to relate with their story,

I appeared to have lived a fresh life.

That’s the outdoor I cherish and live,

Constantly educating and growing,

Through real life experiences,

Not available through traditional systems.

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