Life is always an unresolved puzzle,

There are many hurdles, obstacles, delays and twists,

In the end if we persist,

We do come out satisfied and a winner,

With good times and memories to cherish.

Things will sometimes fall apart,

Loved ones may depart,

We feel betrayed, harassed and disheartened,

Than we see new opportunities,

New faces,

Times do turn around.

As we are humans,

Tend to see things in wrong perspectives,

As the time passes,

We do learn what the reality was,

That makes us a fighter and strong willed.

With persistence, perseverance, patience, and faith,

As the time goes by,

We do find ways of our suiting.

Keep putting your best foot forward,

Braves only enjoy comforts of this world and beyond.

Find buddies who will walk you through,

Opulence and prosperity always find,

The deserving.

There are no two ways about it,

Human life is meant to be difficult and testing,

With hope anything is possible,

At right moment and time,

All the happiness and bliss,

Is sighted.


We live in a world of unrealistic lifestyles and dying human traditions and values, developed over a long human history. It’s common among urban dwellers to encounter tedium, conformity and torpor. It’s now fully developed and commonly prevalent to dwell on mediocrity. In real terms, most of us are victims of contrived slavery. As we see, majority of world population is deeply engaged in routine, fixed (or unlimited) hours of work and repetitive daily activities, exhausting major proportion of their lives without much realistic gains.

If you look closely and analyze deeply, it will be found that we are no longer human beings but have evolved as automatons. Most of us follow same automated daily routine. The weekend activities have no verities, but same lifestyle habits. The acquaintances are limited who follow us as it is. All of them are known as urban middle class. This term has no real or actual meaning. End of the day, their lives are barren and muted

Are we actually aware that how far away most of us have come from LIFE?  Many of us will not realize that so called advanced stage of modern living is actually on the brink of breaking apart. For these reasons and because of a false notion of being FREE, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to ILLS of LIFE. Most of us are actually not free from the vice like grip of this type of stagnation and dominant falsehood. If we listen to our conscience, it is beckoning us to realize that we are not actually ALIVE, in whatever we do, wherever we go, whomsoever we meet, whatever we look on computer or cell phone screens or while commuting, etc. Our behavior is becoming more and more like machines. Whatever surrounds us is artificial.

Therefore, if you want to live and behave like humans, you need support of a place or people where effects of this big brother are not yet all pervasive. You need to be in a location where natural reality has not yet been overtaken by virtual reality. Rediscover your connections with what nature has made available around you. See and live in its diversity, beauty and resounding effects. Be your own masters. Shirk off slavery and realise what the REAL world, away from irrationality is.

It’s not in your control to change the world. Rather, it’s not your responsibility. Because you did not cause the ills or problems of this world. Reality is no single person can undo what has occurred. So discover your abilities and adapt suitably to challenges and find solutions. Take risks, be adventurous, and move beyond self-imposed boundaries. Challenge yourself, extend limits of your endurance, try to go beyond what is possible for a common man.


Where have we reached?

Are we at our most cherished location?

We have created a world,

Full of anomalies,

With disparities and many who are deprived,

Many rules and laws are there,

But have they been created to suit privileged few?

Innocents suffer,

Powerful get away,

So called liberated and advanced societies are there,

Is there true justice in place?

Are we being fair to all?

Do we have equal opportunities?

Aren’t we too much judgemental?

A child is evaluated based on merit he is placed,

Shouldn’t we see all born with unique intelligence and personalities?

Capable of contributing in his own unique way to this world,

Shouldn’t we stop being God and deciding fates,

Isn’t this world required to move on its own pace?

Isn’t Joy of sharing, giving, caring and loving paramount?

Haven’t we been told by all our scriptures,

To seek power, greed, wealth, lust, etc,

Are detrimental to the growth and progress of humanity?

Yet we move on,

As if all is well,           

These are the best times,

Human race is progressing and evolving,

Like never before.

There is definitely need to pause and ponder,

Reflect and do corrections,

So that we do not reach a point of no return.


Each day when I am done,

And retire for the night,

Glancing at the open sky,

Wide stretch of horizon,

Bright moon and gleaming stars,

I wonder,

When my summit will come,

There has to be recluse,

I am looking for.

Or it’s never ending pursuit,

A thirst which is not getting quenched.

Being like a hermit,

Seeking centuries old quests,

Yet not finding the calling.

Far and wide, eyes and mind could perceive,

Only drawn shades,

Eschewing disdain,

I finally recline,

Hoping to thank God for a fresh morning,

Coming day.

Embarking yet again,

On the life’s journey,

Of unending desires, ambitions and responsibilities,

Miles to go,

Never giving up,

Ever eager to face the challenges,

Some predictable,

Many unknown.


It’s taught to be firm and arduous,

As all beings of this universe join and interact,

They flow and move in unison,

One needs to understand the underlying statement,

Imply what is unto you.

There is a beginning, life story and the end,

Whether to be cherished or to go in oblivion.

Soul is imperishable and unrestrictive,

Life’s circle needs to move amidst certain laws of nature,

Else it mitigates into nothingness and meaningless entity.

Impose yourself to be august,

No point vindicating on baseless principles,

As elementary laws of coexistence and brotherhood,

Induce growth and progress.

Being proud and one up,

Infect make you inferior,

In mind and body,

Exist because and for all,

That builds a robust mind and heart,

Be simple and as you are,

That being enough,

Brings solace and contentment.

Live in a world being aware,

Patiently acquiring bricks to build your life’s castle,

Radiating happiness and peace.


Dear Rockery bestow your gleam,

Toss your flowers,

We need to wear,

As our days shine,

Before they wither.

We are human,

Tend to whimper,

You are evergreen,

Able to bear all the brunt,

Ever giving and spreading fragrance,

Of joy and happiness,

Partaking laws of nature,

Imbibing penniless and destitute,

Following pure maxim,

Give all take none,

Soothe each hurt no one.

Teach us your noble ways,

Imbibe in us your luster,

Let us see,

As it comes,

We need to speak,

Your language of love and care,

Holding our breath,

Trying nevertheless,

Let it come.


Times have gone through sea changes on how you plan your travel. It can simply be planned through your smart phone. No need to do rounds of catchy travel agencies on the internet with appealing websites. You can carefully plan your place of stay in any exotic location. Cab pickup on your fingertips. Market close by where you can spend quality time bargaining on items of your choice. Later plan yourself favourite excursion, hike or scuba diving, at time and place of your choice. Further down on your travel plans, adventure tours, wildlife, trekking and so on. Later during the day, you may go on a hike that you found on your travel app, and tomorrow, your favourite activity – scuba diving! The next few days can be full of activities and adventure, all in your style. It’s here, finally. You are the master of your holiday’s choices!

Your smartphone makes you master of best available travel plans. Best available deals, tour insights and offers to choose from. This makes possible more exotic experiences- and at any place around the world. It’s no longer ruled by travel companies or agents. There are multiple options. Travellers are now moving away from limited choices to own conveniences. You may not copy anyone’s itinerary. You may customise your tour as per your preferences and be in control of what you actually want to engage into. There are in-depth information available about a place and services, at your fingertips.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the travel companies to keep up with the expectations and diverse demands of tourists. Everyone wants to customize and bundle his travel plans from the word go to final execution, choosing products and services as per his micro conveniences. Service providers are not able to match up with customization and tune up with last minute changes or uncertain stop overs and whims and fancies of the travelers.

Focus is now on making it easier with freedom of choices and independence to plan a tour. It’s more of enhancing experience and customising as per individual choices. With increased expectations, travel companies are focusing on flexibility to cater for every need of their customers. With new technologies, variety in travel experiences has increased and so are the demands.

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