Go Wild!



There’s a big, wild world out there.

A zeal for things wild, an appetite for adventure, the embracing of the unknown – these traits are no less fundamental to our make up than the colour of the eye or blood type. Come to think of it, they are a good deal more fundamental.

Trails Tamer  offer wilderness that are remote and unexplored and some of the best scenery to make your experience memorable.

Trails vary from gentle strolls to steep climbs, killer switchbacks will carry you past beaver ponds, babbling brooks, open birch forests, exposed peaks, countless cascading waterfalls, virgin hardwood forests and spectacular views from high mountain ridges.

At some of the offerings, you will witness history through the crumbling forts and exquisite temples on the rocky mountains and sand dunes. Enjoy the rainbows of the falls, hike one of the several side trails or just watch the sunset from one of its wild corners.

An excellent way to enjoy a stress free environment.

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Go Now! Go Wild!!

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