Life is always a pot on storm,

Hold it there,

And you will come out strong,

Let there be number of struggles,

You will survive,

And emerge victorious.

In the end it will leave behind,

Scars of the battles,

It may look teetered and waned,

But you will emerge with pride.

Having seen it all,

The dark and bright sides,

The wounds will heal,

As the time pass.

Braves do not fear,

When the shores fade away,

Journey become hardened and tough,

And  beyond the shores,

Only pain was sighted,

It paid as all held the rains,

Submit did arrive turning,

The journey well tried attempt.

Though there were treacheries and slips,

It was all worth the attempt.

Arrived at home,

Victorious and joyous,

All worries and blues,

Seemed part of the game.

Hardships are not always daunting,

They come by to make one stronger,

To polish and bring out the best,

Than cheer of best times descend,

Meanwhile it turns out hard to bear,

The tests of times,

Keeping the faith and the hope,

Fighting the negatives and untruth,

Within us,

Turning out victorious,

As we stand.

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