One can satisfy himself by attaining equilibrium by:

–              Attaining maturity of character,

–              Make decisions in detachment of spirit which is pleasant or unpleasant to him personally,

–              Develop desire to hold onto things not by grasping them but by understanding and remembering them,

–              Learn to covet only that which may be rightfully possessed.

A man can become wealthy by wise investments, through writings, by skills at invention or through some creative means. The majority has no such prospect. It is well said that the truly happy people on earth are those who are indifferent to money because they have some positive purpose which forecloses it. The only security on earth is the willingness to accept insecurity as an inevitable part of living. There is no other soothing balm to inner peace than the knowledge that one is participating fully in moving forward the great understanding of one’s day. It is the corner stone of one’s character.

No man is wise enough to see clearly the shape of things to come. We live in an age of incredibly rapid change. When all things are in transition it is inevitable that those trying to see road ahead are inclined to believe the historic justification of things, as they shape up.

Main test of human character is to remain patient amidst hard circumstances and continue to be effective while living through all kinds of discouragements. A man has to find a purpose in himself before he can seek a purpose in any of his endeavors. No one can turn out as a perfect man, even if he is schooled from his childhood to live on principles. His character needs a constant replenishment by individuals who think and act in tune with him. It is important that his power of thoughts must be shaped along ideal lines.

It is true that no matter how greatly man may aspire, he will fall occasionally. A leader has to continue in his efforts to promote transcendental importance of goodwill, despite being conscious about his own weaknesses.

Other things being equal, the prospect of any man’s progress is largely determined by his attitude. A receptive mind always inspires confidence. One has to accept at all times that learning and progressing is lifelong ritual. One should always remain a student on all aspects of human life. A man, who believes he has full and final answer to problems which by their nature are ever-changing, will be mistrusted.

Abiding principle should always be to rule by work rather than to work by rules. When trying times come, nothing else will suffice. One has to trust his own decisions and need to improvise swiftly. One has to constantly seek and understand about the richness and adaptability of available time and resources. Their prodigal use could prove disastrous.

Restrain, tolerance, a sense of humour in proportion and the force of logic make a man qualified for intellectual leading. If a leader can keep his head, keep his temper and keep his word, there is practically nothing he cannot carry through.

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