Let others see you fight to survive,

Do not let them see you fail,

Do not become weak and frail,

Stand up for what you think is right,

Make your life easy,

By letting go,

As it all will pass.

Live your life,

By your terms,

Do not let others dictate,

How you should.

Destined to succeed,

If you help yourself,

And do not give up,

Come what may.

At times its good to shed,

All your fears and worries,

Have faith and surrender to Him,

For He sure helps those who come to Him.

Realise all your wrong doings,

Accept you are human,

It happened because of,

Wrong path you had chosen,

Now is the right time,

As you realized the wrong,

Path you took.

Once confessed,

Its bound to show you right way.

Times change,

Once corrected,

Wounds heal,

If treated,

So get up smile and shine,

Do not let circumstances,

Pull you down.

Partake with full desire,

This game of life,

To win it all.

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