Let it go,

What has passed by,

It happened,

For some reason,

Do not let it be hurdle,

In your journey of life.

Try to recall the errors you committed,

Focus on your shortcomings of the past,

Be the person,

You really are.

You cannot undo,

What happened in the time gone by,

Try you may,

With all your might,

Peek hard into your utmost self.

Whatever is destined to happen,

Will happen,

For a reason,

Seek to find those reasons,

Not allowing it to turn to worst.

Keep your cards open,

For all to see,

Story of your life.

Stop going into negative deeds,

To accomplish your desires,

Focus rather on positive ways,

Of life.

Live it in what you have today,

Tomorrow will take care of itself,

Remain happy for what is given to you.

Do not have regrets for what is gone by,

Than you will live your life to your content.

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