Currently very rough and dirty games are being played across the globe. To face the resulting situations, a robust body and mind are essential. The ability to rise up and grasp an opportunity is something that a boy or girl cannot learn in lecture rooms or from textbooks. It comes mainly by inducing the spirit of adventure in them, from early childhood and continued as they grow up. Athletic fields are one ideal place to acquire winning ways, which play an important part in the way of life. The burning desire to emerge victor that we see in the contact sports is identical spirit that made people successful in their lives.

Whatever may be your endeavour, give it a good college try, no matter how inept or clumsy it may appear. In the team sports developed around rivalry between organisations, the eligibility to participate among the friends/ colleagues is always a matter of local ground rules or special regulations. There is nothing in the customs of sports that prohibits it. On the contrary, it is done many times and is considered to be altogether within one’s dignity.

In any event, going along with the team and taking an active interest in its ups and downs are not only a team member’s obligation, but a rewarding privilege, if he is a real leader. In this respect, he has a singular relationship to any group that he represents. He becomes part of their force and his presence is important not only to his team but to the gallery. In any situation, the acme of leadership consists, not in screaming one’s head off about shortcomings, but in using a little imagination about what can be done.

The really good thing about the gain in moral force deriving from all forms of physical adventures is that, it is an unconscious gain. Will power, determination, mental poise and muscle control, all march hand in hand with general health and well-being of team mates. A man, who develops correct posture and begins to fill out his body so that he looks the integral part of the team, will take greater pride in himself. He will gain confidence as he acquires a confident and determined bearing. This same presence and physical strength that contributes to it will help him through any challenge of life. The strength of will is partly of the mind and partly of the body…

In fast paced and challenging situations, fatigue normally beat a man down as quickly as any other condition. Fatigue invariably carries inhibitions with it. Tired men are men afraid. There is no quicker way to lose an attempt or endeavor than to lose it on the attempt due to preliminary hardening of the team. Extremes of any sort make men rebellious and hateful of the team leader and this strike at the tactical efficiency from two directions at once. When men resent a team leader, they will not participate as willingly for him. When their bodies are spent their nerves are gone…

It is moral courage combined with practice that builds in one a delicate sense of the eternal fitness of things. An average team member when taken in, is impressionable. He looks to his leader because he believes that the leader is wiser, and he has faith that he will not be steered wrong…

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