No life in Nature contemplates destruction,

It adores the joy as it grows,

Lives in the creator’s delight,

Timeless days with His shows unbound,

Marches with a goal in mind,

With ceaseless pride,

On and on singing its song.

Life has to reach its culmination,

One with Lord Supreme,

He being a bridge,

Between life and death,

Always longing to be with Him.

Let’s live in joy,

Making friends on the way,

Hating nobody who may conspire,

Free from inhibitions of those,

Who may be down with reservations.

Feed more and more joy,

Though we may be devoid of possessions,

Rich in heart and mind,

Thereby shining in His glory.

Your answers won’t come easily,

You may wonder how much wait,

How many intense thoughts,

Before the suspense lifts up.

Each one has reasons,

And waiting seems crushing and torturous.

Patience bring forth truth unknown,

We should be ready and fit to change our status.

May God help all of us,

In our pursuit and quest,

To understand and assimilate the truth,

Life will advance smooth and shine.

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