Life is perpetual abundance of Joy,

It’s so much to enjoy,

So much to rejoice,

No point falling into gloom,

No joy feeling sorry at failures,

Should not feel poor at heart,

Be rich in thoughts and desires,

Else you get as poor as it can be.

Venture into unknown,

Not yet fathomed,

Seek challenges yet to partake,

Gains are immense thereby,

Do not ponder or hesitate,

That way victory will be all yours.

Life will go on,

Death is sure to come,

Seek for bliss,

For that gives you breathe,

Inspire to respire,

Instead if you fail,

Will realise,

Worst is sweet.

Cure of pain is,

Pain and only pain.

Failure is nothing but trying again,

It won’t prevail.

Hence bash on regardless,

You will gain your submit!

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