Do you prefer to be astonished?

Nature does,

Its dawn, dusk and sheer darkness,

And likes of me twittering through the woods,

Hurling through the twists and turns,

Getting astonished with each passing day,

More than any other humans.

Seek your story of life,

With confidence,

Some may tell anyone,

I tell everyone,

Getting strength from the almighty in havens,

After all what a man/woman has?

Though no one possess strength,

Even to shake single hair on the head,

Without His will.

Move with the time,

One moment saved/lived is,

Another moment earned!

Do not snivel,

Sniffle the world,

It will bow down on your feet.

As nothing remains in the End,

One leaves all the possessions,

Here on earth.

So live your life to the fullest.

Conform to the principles,

Set by the Creator,

Wear your hat as you please,

In or outdoors,

Venerate and be ceremonious,

Having pride and faith in your capabilities.

See reflections of yourself,

In the eyes of people in your life,

Let the convergence of objects in the universe,

Flow perpetually unto you.

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