All of us,

Some point of time,

In our lives, feel melancholy.

Heavily occupied in social media and phones,

Termed in modern times,

Smart ways to communicate,

To express our hearts out,

Trying to connect with people and the world.

Connected virtually,

In real terms hardly meet,

Face to face.

Humans always been trying to,

Understand the past and the present,

Looking forward to a bright future,

Actually forgetting and ignoring,

The present.

Confident of one day,

They will ponder right,

Understanding fully well,

Right moment will come,

Hence waiting,

Always, and just waiting.

But it’s very slow process.

And we continue living,

With the question,

Why we are not able to,

Understand the ways and mysteries of this life,

And the world?

Who are we,


Do we read our faces?

When looking at ourselves,

In the mirror?

Been able to understand these fundamentals?

Aren’t they the keys to most of the questions?

In our lives.

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