Life is always an unresolved puzzle,

There are many hurdles, obstacles, delays and twists,

In the end if we persist,

We do come out satisfied and a winner,

With good times and memories to cherish.

Things will sometimes fall apart,

Loved ones may depart,

We feel betrayed, harassed and disheartened,

Than we see new opportunities,

New faces,

Times do turn around.

As we are humans,

Tend to see things in wrong perspectives,

As the time passes,

We do learn what the reality was,

That makes us a fighter and strong willed.

With persistence, perseverance, patience, and faith,

As the time goes by,

We do find ways of our suiting.

Keep putting your best foot forward,

Braves only enjoy comforts of this world and beyond.

Find buddies who will walk you through,

Opulence and prosperity always find,

The deserving.

There are no two ways about it,

Human life is meant to be difficult and testing,

With hope anything is possible,

At right moment and time,

All the happiness and bliss,

Is sighted.

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