We live in a world of unrealistic lifestyles and dying human traditions and values, developed over a long human history. It’s common among urban dwellers to encounter tedium, conformity and torpor. It’s now fully developed and commonly prevalent to dwell on mediocrity. In real terms, most of us are victims of contrived slavery. As we see, majority of world population is deeply engaged in routine, fixed (or unlimited) hours of work and repetitive daily activities, exhausting major proportion of their lives without much realistic gains.

If you look closely and analyze deeply, it will be found that we are no longer human beings but have evolved as automatons. Most of us follow same automated daily routine. The weekend activities have no verities, but same lifestyle habits. The acquaintances are limited who follow us as it is. All of them are known as urban middle class. This term has no real or actual meaning. End of the day, their lives are barren and muted

Are we actually aware that how far away most of us have come from LIFE?  Many of us will not realize that so called advanced stage of modern living is actually on the brink of breaking apart. For these reasons and because of a false notion of being FREE, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to ILLS of LIFE. Most of us are actually not free from the vice like grip of this type of stagnation and dominant falsehood. If we listen to our conscience, it is beckoning us to realize that we are not actually ALIVE, in whatever we do, wherever we go, whomsoever we meet, whatever we look on computer or cell phone screens or while commuting, etc. Our behavior is becoming more and more like machines. Whatever surrounds us is artificial.

Therefore, if you want to live and behave like humans, you need support of a place or people where effects of this big brother are not yet all pervasive. You need to be in a location where natural reality has not yet been overtaken by virtual reality. Rediscover your connections with what nature has made available around you. See and live in its diversity, beauty and resounding effects. Be your own masters. Shirk off slavery and realise what the REAL world, away from irrationality is.

It’s not in your control to change the world. Rather, it’s not your responsibility. Because you did not cause the ills or problems of this world. Reality is no single person can undo what has occurred. So discover your abilities and adapt suitably to challenges and find solutions. Take risks, be adventurous, and move beyond self-imposed boundaries. Challenge yourself, extend limits of your endurance, try to go beyond what is possible for a common man.

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