Where have we reached?

Are we at our most cherished location?

We have created a world,

Full of anomalies,

With disparities and many who are deprived,

Many rules and laws are there,

But have they been created to suit privileged few?

Innocents suffer,

Powerful get away,

So called liberated and advanced societies are there,

Is there true justice in place?

Are we being fair to all?

Do we have equal opportunities?

Aren’t we too much judgemental?

A child is evaluated based on merit he is placed,

Shouldn’t we see all born with unique intelligence and personalities?

Capable of contributing in his own unique way to this world,

Shouldn’t we stop being God and deciding fates,

Isn’t this world required to move on its own pace?

Isn’t Joy of sharing, giving, caring and loving paramount?

Haven’t we been told by all our scriptures,

To seek power, greed, wealth, lust, etc,

Are detrimental to the growth and progress of humanity?

Yet we move on,

As if all is well,           

These are the best times,

Human race is progressing and evolving,

Like never before.

There is definitely need to pause and ponder,

Reflect and do corrections,

So that we do not reach a point of no return.

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