Each day when I am done,

And retire for the night,

Glancing at the open sky,

Wide stretch of horizon,

Bright moon and gleaming stars,

I wonder,

When my summit will come,

There has to be recluse,

I am looking for.

Or it’s never ending pursuit,

A thirst which is not getting quenched.

Being like a hermit,

Seeking centuries old quests,

Yet not finding the calling.

Far and wide, eyes and mind could perceive,

Only drawn shades,

Eschewing disdain,

I finally recline,

Hoping to thank God for a fresh morning,

Coming day.

Embarking yet again,

On the life’s journey,

Of unending desires, ambitions and responsibilities,

Miles to go,

Never giving up,

Ever eager to face the challenges,

Some predictable,

Many unknown.

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