It’s taught to be firm and arduous,

As all beings of this universe join and interact,

They flow and move in unison,

One needs to understand the underlying statement,

Imply what is unto you.

There is a beginning, life story and the end,

Whether to be cherished or to go in oblivion.

Soul is imperishable and unrestrictive,

Life’s circle needs to move amidst certain laws of nature,

Else it mitigates into nothingness and meaningless entity.

Impose yourself to be august,

No point vindicating on baseless principles,

As elementary laws of coexistence and brotherhood,

Induce growth and progress.

Being proud and one up,

Infect make you inferior,

In mind and body,

Exist because and for all,

That builds a robust mind and heart,

Be simple and as you are,

That being enough,

Brings solace and contentment.

Live in a world being aware,

Patiently acquiring bricks to build your life’s castle,

Radiating happiness and peace.

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