Times have gone through sea changes on how you plan your travel. It can simply be planned through your smart phone. No need to do rounds of catchy travel agencies on the internet with appealing websites. You can carefully plan your place of stay in any exotic location. Cab pickup on your fingertips. Market close by where you can spend quality time bargaining on items of your choice. Later plan yourself favourite excursion, hike or scuba diving, at time and place of your choice. Further down on your travel plans, adventure tours, wildlife, trekking and so on. Later during the day, you may go on a hike that you found on your travel app, and tomorrow, your favourite activity – scuba diving! The next few days can be full of activities and adventure, all in your style. It’s here, finally. You are the master of your holiday’s choices!

Your smartphone makes you master of best available travel plans. Best available deals, tour insights and offers to choose from. This makes possible more exotic experiences- and at any place around the world. It’s no longer ruled by travel companies or agents. There are multiple options. Travellers are now moving away from limited choices to own conveniences. You may not copy anyone’s itinerary. You may customise your tour as per your preferences and be in control of what you actually want to engage into. There are in-depth information available about a place and services, at your fingertips.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the travel companies to keep up with the expectations and diverse demands of tourists. Everyone wants to customize and bundle his travel plans from the word go to final execution, choosing products and services as per his micro conveniences. Service providers are not able to match up with customization and tune up with last minute changes or uncertain stop overs and whims and fancies of the travelers.

Focus is now on making it easier with freedom of choices and independence to plan a tour. It’s more of enhancing experience and customising as per individual choices. With increased expectations, travel companies are focusing on flexibility to cater for every need of their customers. With new technologies, variety in travel experiences has increased and so are the demands.

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