I may not be amazed,

At the routine occurring,

During days or nights,

While walking through the woods,

Or diving deep down the ocean,

Certainly not like most of them.

As I settle down at this hour,

And reflect on things gone by,

Mystic, unexpected or undreamed of,

Did I draw strength out of,

Those encounters?

Marking as my own,

Or setting it aside as common,

With most of us,

Getting lost and forgotten,

With passage of time.

I do not whimper,

As the world do,

Since these are needed,

To be taken in right stride,

Human life is full of them,

Especially if,

One is adventurous,

Seeker of unknown.

I keep my Hat tilted and drawn,

Praying and venerating,

For the life to fall in place,

Seeking counsel of the learned,

Putting my best foot forward,

In calculated move.

I see my reflection,

In all the people I encounter,

Learn good and try to avoid bad,

I say it all.

Willing to be strong and highly conscious,

Engulfing objects in the universe,

With their perpetual flow…

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