What I seek has been in its right place,

The moon or stars I see,

And those I could not see,

Are in their places,

What I could identify or could not,

Are perfectly in their places.

Similar must be,

Perceptions of people around me,

Taking rounds of the Sun along with Earth,

If they are not of anyone,

So much as mine,

They must be unique.

Let’s unwind the riddles of Life,

Seeking the unknown,

Comprehend the unthinkable,

They may be distant,

Not seeming close,

Yet reachable.

We breadth the common air,

Live together in His creation,

In this globe.

I march with strong music,

Along with victors,

Of common battles,

Hearing closely,

Gains of each day,

Though all of us fall,


But those who dare to ride horse or lion,

Do fall and learn,

To ride perfectly,

That’s how battles are won…

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