I am fascinated of growing with adventure,

Among people who grow with nature,

Adventurous and simple,

True and honest in heart,

Follow principles of righteousness and  truth,

Enamored by taste of deep ocean and dense woods,

Wielders of natural weapons in their persona,

Anyone can sleep and work with them,

For endless times.

That is the life,

Being cheapest, common, easiest,

And that is them,

Those who take any chances,

Thereby getting endless returns,

For the well-being of His creation.

As there is nothing wrong in,

Being in love with yourself first,

It being the primary duty of everyone.

Bestowed in each one are solutions,

To each and every situation,

As positive outlook leads to your goal.

Than sky will come down to your goodwill,

Enabling scatter everywhere,

For ever and ever.

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