Human life is about going through series of decisions. Many of these decisions involve certain amount of risks. Whatever you decide will not always take you to success. There will be many moments that will take you to failure. Many times we take risks without realising about it. Take example of high risk involved when we walk or drive on a road. Does all this mean, we stop venturing out?

Every day we face chances of not seeing the next moment. Tomorrow may never come. We therefore need to move on. Life is about taking some risks and avoiding some. Its only you who decide what kind of life is shaped.

Certain risks are unavoidable. They are required to achieve happiness and success.

Let’s list out some of the priority risks:-

 – Embark on a task you dread. Specially some of the things which most people avoid doing. There you have a chance of achieving where many fail. These ways normally do not have precedence. You will have to use your logic, common sense, determination  and continuous follow up. But here you will find maximum hurdles and obstacles. However, when you achieve what you set out to get, will derive maximum happiness.

– Do not fret of being denied when you ask something from someone. It’s not because of you incapability. More so it is because that person did not agree to what you asked. No matter how smart you are, there will always be a person who will turn you down. Since we do not like to be denied an opportunity, we do not even attempt. Therefore, at least give it a try. Sky is not going to fall if you fail. It will give you an idea how to attempt it successfully.

We may not be eligible. Having realised that, we may grow ourselves further to qualify in our next attempt. The quest of achieving something itself, gives our mind a chance to find solution. So do not be scared of failure. When you fail, there will be another better way to attempt it. The risk of getting failed leads us to success.

– Put your best foot forward and let go with all you have got, while attempting seemingly impossible task. The best rewards come out of risking maximum. Make your plans smart and unique. Gather all the knowledge about the things in hand. Prepare yourself fully and go ahead. Always be ready and prepared to grasp an opportunity whenever it knocks your doors. You may not get similar chance, for a long time, if you miss it.

–  Its human to make mistakes, and is essential road to success. If you are not making mistakes means  you are not trying enough opportunities. It’s essential to remain occupied and keep trying different possibilities and let the life be interesting. No one is perfect. Practice and continuous attempts do make us masters of difficult tasks. Realise your true worth. Unless you try how would you discover your capabilities and potential? Be open to critical evaluation by your friends and near and dear ones. That will make you correct yourself on mistakes made in the past and reset your approach. Give value to opinions of others as it is an important part of living. Keep learning. It’s a lifelong process. Never close your mind with the thought that you are perfect. Be open to new challenges. Nothing is beyond human mind.

– In your relationships, be open to frank discussions on any issue. It’s essential for maintaining healthy relationship.

Keep love, faith and perseverance on top of your priorities. You will find solutions to any issue in your life.

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