It’s good to remain contended,

Be tickled and frolicking,

As night descends and hectic activities of the day close,

The time seems to unwind,

Silently tiptoeing,

Events unfold in dream,

Filling the mind with amused senses,

It’s better to forego common realization of unwelcome ideas,

Shut tightly the eyes and mind waves,

That seem to show end of the road,

Tempting us with contents of a foregone era,

Delivering people whom we met,

Who affected our lives,

Taking us to old addresses of the cities,

Where we spent our prime time.

Bringing to us our latest happenings,

Some fancied behaviors of people we loved,

Empty pockets,

Indifference by some,

Throwing us into anxiety and soiled temperaments.

Dying of children, women and innocents,

In the fancied wars,

Closing in of fitful events,

Making us realize the temptations of high and mighty,

Exposing themselves time and again,

Into the fruitless activities and hollowed war cries.

But all these emotions are for rare breed,

Haunt you time and again,

Make you into not yourselves.

Just watch the games people play,

And remain aloof as single coin cannot fill up the treasury,

Curious to what comes next,

Remain detached and out of the games,

Wait and be witness to those futile attempts to prove one up!

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