We hear and perceive,

What others talk about us?

About beginning and the conclusion of our lives,

That is for most of us,

But there are some,

Who do not discuss,

What is personal and private?

For no one can comprehend better than self,

About us.

As we go through phases of life,

We need to live in those very moments,

Which never come back?

The times we live while a child,

Adolescent, youth or prime times,

Shouldn’t we leave searching for perfection?

And live the times which are now?

Leaving the quest for ultimate,

Dreaming of some more better times,

Let’s limit ourselves and be satisfied,

In what we are now,

And fully find solace in what we have become,

As of now.

The mysteries of the unknown and unfathomed,

Will drive us to push forward,

Side by side,

We need to find satisfaction,

In our capabilities.

There is need to shirk away webs built within,

And keep light our soul,

Than we will see the unseen,

And find desired submits.

We need to find the balance,

While living moments,

Admire in what we are,

Better than the best.

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