Make your life something to give,

To others,

A thing like fresh air,

How we make it,

Is up to us,

Something to cherish,

Or the one to repent,

For we do not know,

When it will draw to a close.

Live each moment,

Each day,

Spread the fragrance,

Of love, goodness, brotherhood and faith,


We get it only Once,

Consider yourself,

Blessed, for it.

What destiny you chose,

Is up to you.

Pick up,

Your appetite,

With right outlook,

You could be shining,

So pick the colors,

To paint your canvass,

For it needs,

Lot of heeds to your soul.

Do not be in hurry,

You may get lost,

In the tempests,

Of life.

You need not fear,

Follow True souls,

Than angels will follow you,

If you are on right or true path.

You need not regret on your mistakes,

If your canvas is bright and right,

Not fake,

Go on,

After all we are human.

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