Currently very rough and dirty games are being played across the globe. To face the resulting situations, a robust body and mind are essential. The ability to rise up and grasp an opportunity is something that a boy or girl cannot learn in lecture rooms or from textbooks. It comes mainly by inducing the spirit of adventure in them, from early childhood and continued as they grow up. Athletic fields are one ideal place to acquire winning ways, which play an important part in the way of life. The burning desire to emerge victor that we see in the contact sports is identical spirit that made people successful in their lives.

Whatever may be your endeavour, give it a good college try, no matter how inept or clumsy it may appear. In the team sports developed around rivalry between organisations, the eligibility to participate among the friends/ colleagues is always a matter of local ground rules or special regulations. There is nothing in the customs of sports that prohibits it. On the contrary, it is done many times and is considered to be altogether within one’s dignity.

In any event, going along with the team and taking an active interest in its ups and downs are not only a team member’s obligation, but a rewarding privilege, if he is a real leader. In this respect, he has a singular relationship to any group that he represents. He becomes part of their force and his presence is important not only to his team but to the gallery. In any situation, the acme of leadership consists, not in screaming one’s head off about shortcomings, but in using a little imagination about what can be done.

The really good thing about the gain in moral force deriving from all forms of physical adventures is that, it is an unconscious gain. Will power, determination, mental poise and muscle control, all march hand in hand with general health and well-being of team mates. A man, who develops correct posture and begins to fill out his body so that he looks the integral part of the team, will take greater pride in himself. He will gain confidence as he acquires a confident and determined bearing. This same presence and physical strength that contributes to it will help him through any challenge of life. The strength of will is partly of the mind and partly of the body…

In fast paced and challenging situations, fatigue normally beat a man down as quickly as any other condition. Fatigue invariably carries inhibitions with it. Tired men are men afraid. There is no quicker way to lose an attempt or endeavor than to lose it on the attempt due to preliminary hardening of the team. Extremes of any sort make men rebellious and hateful of the team leader and this strike at the tactical efficiency from two directions at once. When men resent a team leader, they will not participate as willingly for him. When their bodies are spent their nerves are gone…

It is moral courage combined with practice that builds in one a delicate sense of the eternal fitness of things. An average team member when taken in, is impressionable. He looks to his leader because he believes that the leader is wiser, and he has faith that he will not be steered wrong…


No life in Nature contemplates destruction,

It adores the joy as it grows,

Lives in the creator’s delight,

Timeless days with His shows unbound,

Marches with a goal in mind,

With ceaseless pride,

On and on singing its song.

Life has to reach its culmination,

One with Lord Supreme,

He being a bridge,

Between life and death,

Always longing to be with Him.

Let’s live in joy,

Making friends on the way,

Hating nobody who may conspire,

Free from inhibitions of those,

Who may be down with reservations.

Feed more and more joy,

Though we may be devoid of possessions,

Rich in heart and mind,

Thereby shining in His glory.

Your answers won’t come easily,

You may wonder how much wait,

How many intense thoughts,

Before the suspense lifts up.

Each one has reasons,

And waiting seems crushing and torturous.

Patience bring forth truth unknown,

We should be ready and fit to change our status.

May God help all of us,

In our pursuit and quest,

To understand and assimilate the truth,

Life will advance smooth and shine.


I sure will gain,

Through all guns at my disposal,

All bells will resound,

As heaven may be a far cry,

It may overwhelm me,

But I will make most triumphant song,

Full of joy and conquest.

I want to sing for helpless animals,

Rapidity and poise of fishes,

Falling of raindrops,

For the sunshine and nod of waves,

In my song.

Let my spirit not be caged,

Dash like a flash,

I will have entire universe and all the time,

To push my desires all the way,

Over woods and hillocks,

And greens, flowers and the mist,

The smell of earth throughout the days and nights.

I seek joy and share it with all,

Sheer sweet joy,

Sing it all the while,

May it befall you,

And destroy all despairs,

Let it hover, shine and fly over you,

In a timeless solitude,

Let it know no bounds,

I march along with happiness unbound…


Be aware of what is the good in this world and make it happen. Never think and feel that whatever you want to achieve is too big. Allow it to happen. With your sincere efforts and true will, it will come through. Be conscious that money is not the end game!

Many of us adore various adventure activities and seek out time from our busy schedule, and engage into it. That’s the greatest good we do for our lives. The idea is, we must do what we love, and use our time and money wisely into leading a quality life! That will empower us to achieve what we never thought as possible. As things stand, we can train our mind and body to leverage positive flow in our lives. Correct time management priorities and utilises positively induced healthy mental activity, throughput, ingenuity, enhances our problem solving ability and empowers us to achieve great things in our lives. So join many smart people around the world, engaging into it, and beat the system and outperform in your life.

So what does Adventure entail? It may be any physical, intellectual or creative activity or experience that may contain or involve risk, trial and discovery.  These activities and experiences help us reach those goals that we thought as impossible. These experiences help learners realise and do more than what they thought as difficult. That induces healthy habits of eating, physical activities, reduction in lifestyle stress, sound sleep, positive relationships, which are key elements for a healthy physical and mental well being. 

My dream is to create and encourage a tribe of people and bring them together to welcome those opportunities which bring greatness and unbutton problems and difficult situations of human lives.

Therefore, pull yourself up and organise your life to bring forth positive outlook and a shining future…


Life is perpetual abundance of Joy,

It’s so much to enjoy,

So much to rejoice,

No point falling into gloom,

No joy feeling sorry at failures,

Should not feel poor at heart,

Be rich in thoughts and desires,

Else you get as poor as it can be.

Venture into unknown,

Not yet fathomed,

Seek challenges yet to partake,

Gains are immense thereby,

Do not ponder or hesitate,

That way victory will be all yours.

Life will go on,

Death is sure to come,

Seek for bliss,

For that gives you breathe,

Inspire to respire,

Instead if you fail,

Will realise,

Worst is sweet.

Cure of pain is,

Pain and only pain.

Failure is nothing but trying again,

It won’t prevail.

Hence bash on regardless,

You will gain your submit!


Do you prefer to be astonished?

Nature does,

Its dawn, dusk and sheer darkness,

And likes of me twittering through the woods,

Hurling through the twists and turns,

Getting astonished with each passing day,

More than any other humans.

Seek your story of life,

With confidence,

Some may tell anyone,

I tell everyone,

Getting strength from the almighty in havens,

After all what a man/woman has?

Though no one possess strength,

Even to shake single hair on the head,

Without His will.

Move with the time,

One moment saved/lived is,

Another moment earned!

Do not snivel,

Sniffle the world,

It will bow down on your feet.

As nothing remains in the End,

One leaves all the possessions,

Here on earth.

So live your life to the fullest.

Conform to the principles,

Set by the Creator,

Wear your hat as you please,

In or outdoors,

Venerate and be ceremonious,

Having pride and faith in your capabilities.

See reflections of yourself,

In the eyes of people in your life,

Let the convergence of objects in the universe,

Flow perpetually unto you.


When you are on a trip abroad or sometimes even inland, there are opportunities to learn about new cultures, new traditions, and new people, in their everyday lives.  It surely gives one an insight to his own life. There are places in this globe where people have to struggle hard, even to earn food to eat. Our problems seem quite inferior in comparison. It enables us to understand what are actually basic needs to live and how useless is desire to keep on accumulating wealth and luxuries of life.

Adventure travel boost up your self-confidence and the will to stay put, no matter what! It enables you to counter, face and survive in any situation. By further developing survival instincts, it makes you understand your weaknesses and strengths. Further, it molds you suitably to manage conflicts in any given situation.

As you embark on Adventure travel to an unknown place, you may sometime have to sacrifice many luxuries. You may have to travel and proceed on limited means. It helps you learn to live within limited resources, in everyday life

Travel prompts you to make new friends. Sharing life’s experiences with someone newly close to you is definitely a boost to energies. You become a global citizen, transcending all boundaries.

Outdoors do make us healthier. Roaming in fresh air, walking freely for an extended period of time, engaging in various adventurous activities are beneficial for all round good health. Amidst natural beauties of things around, time flies without notice.

Modern lifestyle does not prompt us to engage ourselves into physical activities. Though its health effects are tremendous. Static daily routine brings many adverse effects to our health and body. Benefits of travel involving physical activities are many. Just by walking or tracking, exploring wildlife and witnessing rare species of birds and animals escalates a process of change in us. By doing so or many other kinds of adventure activities, invites a feeling of well being, mental and physical robustness, much better than you would have ever discovered. One gets pulled out from accumulated stress and burden of mundane city life. Many intelligent researchers have discovered that living and spending time in natural surroundings definitely advances our mental applications and responsiveness.

Your elders must have explained to you that if you spend time in open and fresh air and engage in physical activities, you get much better sleep. Sleep is most important activity for anyone’s physical and mental well being.

Hence, keep yourself occupied, off and on, in some kind of adventure travel. You will comeback refreshed, recouped, recharged and healthier for daily living.

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